The Rise of the Red Sun: Vol. 5, Issue #3 The Sequel

Radio LARP at Bumbershoot! Radio LARP at Bumbershoot!

The oscillation overthruster from Buckaroo Banzai is stolen from Paul Allen’s Deep Vault, located far below the surface of the EMP! Can our heroes get it back before the world is destroyed AND find parking at the Seattle Center during Bumbershoot weekend? LISTEN AND FIND OUT!

Red Sun – Douglas Gale – @DouglasWFail
Roy aka The Puncher – Ryan Casey – @ohryancasey
Kathryn aka Cat Lady – Danielle KL Gregoire @zerotofunny
Paul Allen – Daniel Desrosiers Tiny Baby Talk Show
Uber Computer – Emily Shahan –
Terry – Tyler Schnupp – We Joke Econo
Gladys aka Drink Slinger – Allison Lizotte – @allison_lizotte
Dee Dee – Natalie Holt – @fistfulofhollas
Todd – Carl Powers – @carlpowers
Carol – Lindsey Leonard –
Ted – Albert Kirchner – @AlbertChairMan
Susan Cruise – Christan Leonard
Kurt Champagne – Henry Russell Stoddard
The Narrator – Parker Postyeni

Live music – Alex Nelson –

Sound FX, Audio engineer – Chris Leher –
Post production – Douglas Gale
Writers – Ryan Casey and Douglas Gale

Sound Attributions:
Dodge caravan sliding door by CGEffex | License: Attribution
typewriter by tams_kp | License: Attribution