Flight Space 7 – 0003 – It Takes Two to Tangotini

Flight Space 7 is a science fiction parody done in the style of a radio play. Hear the exciting adventures Captain Hank Howell, Chief Medical Office Maximilian Gubby and gambling addict Mur’Hok as finally reach the surface of the desert planet Sikarra. Escapes are planned! Plans are foiled! Foils are not featured in this episode. ENJOY!

Captain Howell – Ryan Casey – @ohryancasey
Maximilian Gubby / Rebel Fighter – Albert Kirchner – @AlbertChairMan
Mur’Hok / Sikkaran Officer – Douglas Gale – @DouglasWFail
Computer 9000 – Emily Stackhouse – https://www.facebook.com/emily.m.shahan
Stacy Power / Clayton the guard / Marvin  – Carl Powers – @carlpowers
Polla – Claire Webber
Ambassador Faizon Kevin Clarke Enematic Cinematic

Live music – Alex Nelson – https://soundcloud.com/alexnelsonseattle
Opening theme song – Matt Pomykalsk http://pomerantz.bandcamp.com/
Audio engineer – Mark Allender – http://killthewizard.tumblr.com/
Post production – Douglas Gale

Writers – Ryan Casey, Albert Kirchner and Douglas Gale.

Executive Producer – Ian Thackaberry – http://www.scratchdeli.com/

Sound Attribution:
Casino ambience by thorvandahl licensed under CC BY 3.0
Seat belt by madcowzack licensed under CC BY 3.0
Garbage hauling by conleec licensed under CC0 1.0. It was modified and used as part of the shuttle shaking.
Tires Squeaking.aif by RutgerMuller | License: Creative Commons 0
crash.aif by pauliep83 | License: Sampling+