The Rise of the Red Sun: Vol. 5, Issue #1 – Random Acts of Crimeness

There’s a new drug on the streets called Random that can make you high or give you super powers or . . . WHO KNOWS WHAT ELSE?! Thanks to Random super crime is on the rise. Can our heroes The Red Sun, The Puncher, Tech Witch and The Cleric put a stop to the scourge?

Can they at least keep a lid on things until some better heroes show up? And who is behind all this? Is it the mysterious and shadowy organization UMBRA? Probably! But you should come to the show to find out for sure!


Red Sun – Douglas Gale – @DouglasWFail
Roy aka The Puncher / Silas – Ryan Casey – @ohryancasey
Tech Witch – Bettina McKelvey
Samantha aka The Cleric – Emily Shahan –
The Mugger – Tazlyn Gue
Dark Night – Henry Russell Stoddard
Barista / Nerd – Daniel Desrosiers Tiny Baby Talk Show
Bartender / David – Abraham Tadesse
Poetry Host / The Whisper / Drink Slinger – Allison Lizotte – @allison_lizotte
The Narrator – Parker Postyeni

Live music – Alex Nelson –
Sound FX, Audio engineer & Post production – Douglas Gale

Writers – Ryan Casey and Douglas Gale

Executive Producer – Ian Thackaberry –

Special thanks to Emmett Montgomery opening people’s hearts and Geoff Broussea whose poetry inspired “Wifi Aren’t My Romeo”

Sound attributions:
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