Red Sun Issue 2

The Rise of the Red Sun: Vol. 5, Issue #2 Generation Drill

Radio LARP is keeping it hyper-local and up-to-minute with a new episode about local drill celebrity Bertha!

Red Sun / Rakish Rogue / Supervisor – Douglas Gale – @DouglasWFail
Roy aka The Puncher / Gus / Burt Champagne – Ryan Casey – @ohryancasey
Tech Witch – Bettina McKelvey
Samantha aka The Cleric / Karen – Emily Shahan –
Pamela Hendricks aka Lady Engineer – Allison Lizotte – @allison_lizotte
John Amazon – Andy Miller
Gary – Peter Stone
Timmy – Tyler Schnupp – We Joke Econo
Best Man fan – Henry Russell Stoddard
The Narrator – Parker Postyeni

Sound FX, Audio engineer & Post production – Douglas Gale

Writers – Ryan Casey and Douglas Gale

Executive Producer – Ian Thackaberry –

Sound Attributions:
Harmonica chromatic scale 2+ octaves.wav by NEDDYBLOWER | License: Attribution
ricetrickle.wav by julesibulesi | License: Attribution
Phase Breath.aif by lsprice | License: Attribution
Please Leave Your Message After The Tone by kwahmah_02 | License: Attribution
Knife Hitting Wood by f4ngy | License: Attribution