Flight Space 7 – 0005 – Double Cross Double Plague

Flight Space 7 is a sci-fi comedy radio play podcast and this is Season 02, Episode 01, Part I: Double Cross Double Plague. Tune in for the thrilling adventures of Captain Hank Howell, Chief Science Officer Mur’Hok and Computer 9000 as they run away from responsibilities and consequences!

Captain Howell – Ryan Casey – @ohryancasey
Mur’Hok – Douglas Gale – DouglasWFail
Computer 9000 – Emily Stackhouse – TOXIC SHOCK
Faave – Natalie Holt – @fistfulofhollas
Baave / Kee Mo – Christian Leonard – @christanleonard
Samjen – Bettina McKelvey – TOXIC SHOCK
Dez – Nick Sahoyah – https://www.facebook.com/NickSahoyah/
Marvin / Zaspar – Henry Russell Stoddard – The Central Comedy Show

Opening theme song – Matt Pomykalsk http://pomerantz.bandcamp.com/
Sound FX – Douglas Gale
Post production – Douglas Gale & Ryan Casey

Man in the Booth – Justin Minich – Axon Media

Writers – Ryan Casey and Douglas Gale.

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